The Heritage Home Tour

Happy Tuesday! I am a bit behind in posting but better late than never! Two weeks ago when I took my children to summer camp, I stumbled across this incredible Heritage Home. Its actually an old farm house filled with antiques, and old photos of the family that lived there. For $3 you can get a guided tour of the lovely home. It is called the “Marringhurst  Heritage House”.

The Marringhurst Heritage House

I just love the long lane up to the house. Driving down the road up to the lane was just as beautiful as the first view of this house. All along the road were wildflowers! Echinacea, yellow daises and wild roses lined the road as if they had been planted there on purpose. Just gorgeous!

Wild Roses

As we drove down the lane and pulled up to the house, I could see how well maintained it was. The huge wrap around porch took my breath away.  I just wish they had chairs that you could sit in and enjoy it!


Then we got to go inside! When we first stepped in, we walked into the dining room. It had a gorgeous table set with dishes that were made the year of Canada’s birth! Yes, they were 150 years old and we were not allowed to touch them. I’ve seen a lot of antique dishes but had not yet seen any like these! They were all in excellent shape!

Table Setting

The lady who worked there showed us something else I had never seen before- a teacup with a special piece across it to protect your moustache! I had a good giggle over this! It was so delicate and detailed!

Tea Cup

Upstairs, we couldn’t go into any of the rooms, so I tried my best to take pictures from the doorways. Each room was set up as a bedroom for a specific person. This was the dresser in the master bedroom. I love the fringe on the runner and the delicate floral embroidery.


In the upstairs hallway, they had a little table set up and on it was a very old picture of the Lord’s Prayer. I really wanted to take this home! I’d never seen one like this before and loved all the different and wavy fonts it had. Yes, I’m into fonts.

Hall Table

Every room had different vignettes set up in it, filled with vintage items. Many I had never seen before! This type writer display on the table was so interesting. I love looking at this photo because it gives me so much inspiration. I also have a very good imagination and like to picture someone sitting there, smoking a pipe and typing a novel.

Typewriter desk

The house was huge, and with 5 bedrooms plus many rooms, I couldn’t fit it all into this post! I picked the things from the house that inspired me most. If you’re ever in the Pilot Mound area, you should definitely go explore for yourself!

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