The Striped Blazer Outfit

Wow, am I on a blogging roll here? I hope so! Two scheduled posts written and I feel like I’m so on top of things! While I can’t wait to debut my new hairstyle, I should post last week’s outfits and a recap first. Last Tuesday I was invited to attend a luncheon. I had never been to a luncheon with this group before so a had no idea what to expect. My rule of thumb for entering into situations like that is to always error on the side of caution, and dress more conservatively and professionally than a typical work day where I don’t leave the office. For me it is sometimes difficult to tone down the personality in my work outfits in the hopes of fitting in with the professionals around me at different things. I also feel that wearing an all black outfit in March is depressing. I comprised and stuck with a classic colour combo. However I’m not sure how conservative a horizontal striped blazer is.

The Striped Blazer Outfit

To “tone down” the blazer, I paired it with a black chiffon sleeveless blouse from Forever 21 and black dress pants from H & M. I absolutely love the way their dress pants fit and I never have to hem them.

The Striped Blazer Outfit

To brighten up the mostly black ensemble, I went with a bright red purse from Forever 21. I love the cheery red colour for Spring. To tie everything together I went with matching red pumps, also from Forever 21.

The Striped Blazer Outfit

When in doubt, stick with a classic colour combo that never goes out of style. I also didn’t have to sacrifice too much of my personality, and I feel little touches of your personal style here and there make you more memorable in a networking setting.

Thank you for joining me today! I’d love to know your thoughts on this outfit! Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy Shopping!

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