The Weekly Recap and My Saturday Outfit

Good Morning! I can’t believe I made it through an entire week of consistent posts! I hope I am able to keep it up, and hopefully you do too! Today’s post is a weekly recap of the my outfit posts and also my Saturday outfit.

The Weekly Reccap

Last week was a very busy week with lots of after hours meetings and extracurricular activities! Not sure how I made it through all of that which is likely the reason for all the wine I consumed at the concert last Thursday night. Thank goodness for good friends who get you home!

Monday – The Grey Monday Outfit

Tuesday –  The Striped Blazer Outfit

Wednesday – The Yellow Dog Print Shirt

Thursday – The Grey Blazer Outfit

Friday – The Concert Outfit, and today we have my Pink Spring outfit.

The Saturday Outfit

And the best part of this outfit post – I get to show off my new hair!!! I have been wanting this hair style for quite some time. I went to my fabulous Hair Stylist back in October to get this look, but chickened out when I came to the bangs.  But here I am, 5 months later and LOVING them!  I needed to run some errands on Saturday and also had my friend/co-worker coming over with her daughter to teach me how to make buns. I had been itching to wear these new floral embroidered jeans from Suzy Shier!

The Saturday Outfit

I paired them with a delicate knit sweater from H & M. It is nice and light, and the perfect pink for Spring! It matched the embroidery on the jeans pretty closely. I also matched it with a pink floral scarify from Suzy Shier, pink pastel flats from Forever 21, and a large tote from Call It Spring that just happened to have a coordinating tassel on it!

The Saturday Outfit

You can never have too much pink! I love how cheerful and Spring-y this outfit is!

Have a good week, and happy shopping!

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