The Black Sweater in Spring

OK, I did it. I broke one of my rules. A couple of weeks ago I renounced winter and put all of my winter clothes away. I was so sick of wearing all the sweaters, the blacks, and the greys. They were depressing. And then I wanted to wear these lovely floral print pants. I have a thing for printed pants. I bought them from Urban Planet. They are a unique colour, and I couldn’t seem to find a blouse to match with any of the flowers AND the background on the pants.

The Black Sweater in Spring

I reached for my favourite black sweater. I decided that because there is still snow here, it is perfectly acceptable to wear black in March ONCE in a WHILE. I really liked how it complimented the black “shadows” behind the floral print. I love my black ankle boots but have worn them almost every day this winter, so I opted for the next closest thing. My block heel “shooties”. Peep toes and all. These were purchased from Call It Spring last year. They’re actually very comfortable and easier to walk in than stilettos!

The Black Sweater in Spring

I went with a simple necklace from Dynamite. I figured my pants had enough personality for this outfit. To finish things off, my favourite purse from Call it Spring. Old faithful.

The Black Sweater in Spring

What do you think of these printed pants? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!

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