The Granny Floral Print Blazer

If you’re a Granny, please don’t be offended. I mean it in the nicest way possible.  When I saw this blazer on the Suzy Shier website, I fell in love instantly. The colours in the print reminded me of my Grandma. She often wore those colours, and had curtains in her home that were those colours too. I felt like wearing that blazer was like having a little bit of my grandma with me. Also, anything that is different and “Spring-y” I am willing to try!

The Floral Granny Print Blazer


I really like the fit of this blazer. Being on the shorter side, I often feel like the “girlfriend” blazers are too long or baggy. I also can’t stand long sleeves, so these shorter ruched sleeves are perfect and stay out of my way. The blue pants I didn’t think would match with the blazer. But I thought I would give them a try and really like how they looked with the peach floral print, and also picked up some of the blue of the branches. The pants are very comfortable and slightly stretchy. I bought them from H and M.

The Granny Floral Print Blazer

Because the blazer a bit “bold” I decided to go with a simple pendant necklace from Forever 21. It has a pink stone before the gold tassel and I like the way it ties the colour combination together.

The Granny Floral Print Blazer

I’m really into styling blues and browns together. In the fall I often pair navy with cognac and love the richness of the two together. For spring I thought I would try to do the same, but with lighter shades.

What do you think of this spring outfit? Would you wear it?

Happy Shopping!


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