The First Easter Outfit

Happy Friday! Today I am sharing my outfit from last Friday, which was Good Friday. I really had a hard time deciding what to wear to my first family gathering of the Easter weekend. Normally I would’ve just worn jeans and a blouse, but I had so many Easter outfit ideas I wanted to try – it was hard to pick just one!The First Easter Outfit

When I initially bout these pants, I knew had envisioned wearing a purple blouse with them for Easter. I couldn’t find a purple blouse that was the right shade though. I then tried a red blazer with these pants because I liked the way it made the red flowers stand out. I then realized that it was Good Friday and red likely isn’t appropriate.

The First Easter Outfit

I was running out of coloured blouses to try. Then I thought maybe I would tone down the printed pants with a nice white blouse. That didn’t feel right either. The yellow blouse that I had been avoiding (not sure why) was all that was left. I tried it on and decided that yes, yellow was an appropriate Easter colour.  I liked how happy it was, and it isn’t a colour I normally wear for Easter. But my motto this year seems to be “try new things, do something different”. The First Easter Outfit

With all the print and colour going on, I wasn’t sure I had shoes to go with it. I chose blue because it had nothing to do with the print, and I love blue and yellow together for spring. I think it was a nice contrast.

What are your go-to spring colour combinations? Leave them in a comment below!

Happy Shopping!

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