The Easter Sunday Outfit

Well Sunday is here, which means I have to start getting ready for Monday, and catch up on some blog posts! Today I am sharing my outfit from last Sunday, which was also Easter Sunday. I had a very hard time deciding what to wear, and because I couldn’t decide, I broke a rule of mine.

The Easter Sunday Outfit

Not only did I wear a mostly black spring outfit, but I also wore mostly black on Easter Sunday. What was I thinking? Why is it that when I am in doubt, I gravitate toward black? I went with my old faithful black chiffon top from Forever 21. Booo.

The Easter Sunday Outfit

I really wanted to wear this white blazer from Forever 21. I thought it was adorable and a perfect Easter Sunday jacket. So I ended up having the whole outfit revolve around this statement piece. The sleeves are lovely and I carries on around the back. It is slightly stretchy and has lots of room to move in it (for when you have to gentle poke your kids to stand up while singing the church hymns).

The Easter Sunday Outfit

Even the shoe choice didn’t feel right. I am not sure what I was thinking but I definitely felt very off that day. I apologize for the shoes. This was not my best. LOL.

What did you wear for Easter Sunday? Leave a comment below.

Happy Shopping!

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