The Pink and Orange Outfit

Happy Monday! Its here and there is nothing we can do about it except embrace it! Today I am sharing a cheerful outfit that I wore last Monday to work. I had a lot of fun with this colour combination and it definitely brightened my day and my mood!

The Pink and Orange Outfit

I LOVE THIS DRESS! I originally had wanted to save it for summer, but I was so inspired by the colours in the pattern, I decided to go with this year’s motto and do something different! That and I really really just wanted to be comfortable today after eating all that yummy Easter supper I made yesterday! This dress is from Old Navy. My Mom bought it for me for my birthday. It reminds me of her and it makes me smile when I see it.

The Pink and Orange Outfit

Where I live it is way to cold to be wearing a dress without leggings this time of year. I also wanted to be comfortable and leggings are the perfect pants for that. I don’t like wearing nylons and black leggings seemed to go well with this dress. They kept me warm.

The Pink and Orange Outfit

To play up the fun print and colour combination, I chose to wear these hot pink pompom flats. They were purchased from Forever 21 last year I I don’t have nearly enough excuses to wear them. I like how my pink tassel earrings play up the pink floral print as well. So cheerful!

Do you wear pink and orange together? Leave a comment below.

Happy Shopping!

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